Nightlife in Koh Kong

Nightlife in Koh Kong

Koh Kong City is an interesting place in the very southwest of Cambodia. I must say I love this place somehow coming here is always like coming home. 

They have one of the best hotels in the country which is the city hotel at the harbor including the best restaurant in the country serving a blend of French Italian and Khmer cuisine.

The restaurant is on a terrace right above the water really a great place in a relaxed atmosphere. A tropical nightlife is a bit further up in the town center. Actually what makes this place so unique is the easy accessibility through the creeks into a pristine raw nature. The bus to Phnom Penh is about 6 hours and to Sihanoukville about half of this. 

Nightlife in Koh Kong

There is a reason why this part of South-East Asia is one of the most sought after tourist destinations in the world actually there are many reasons. 

A Tropical and warm climate all year round

An interesting and vibrant culture plus friendly easy going peoples. Not to forget the beautiful and pristine beaches which also stretch on the waterfronts of Koh Kong in Cambodia. Although to be honest there is no nightlife at the beach side in Koh Kong that's only in Sihanoukville.

Koh Kong Nightlife

Koh Kong at the south west Cambodian border to Thailand is the second beach destination in the country after Sihanoukville and offers a vibrant nightlife. Since there are plenty of other attractions for tourists more travelers come to Koh Kong every year. Activities are mainly river day tours in the wild jungle at the western border region which is still pristine and has breathtaking panorama. The bamboo jungle was the the stronghold of the Khmer Rouge before they were sent to the Communist Hell from where they came with the help of the Chines.