Cambodia Nightlife Bars & Clubs

Cambodia Nightlife with clubs bars & girls

A busy nightlife is going on until late with exotic Khmer Bar Girls in Phnom Penh Siem Reap Sihanoukville and Koh Kong. 

Parts of the nightlife centers with mini skirted Khmer Girls in Phnom Penh is shown below. Along Sisowath Quay in Phnom Penh is the red light district. Rap wobble out of the totally overturned loudspeaker sometimes in between - some love songs but all together Cambodia bars and nightlife are great places to feel fine in the night since there are almost no restrictions. 

The nightlife in Phnom Penh and elsewhere is almost totally in the hand of "western foreigners" which means much less lies and cheat as in Thailand. There are also no Ladyboy gangs with their notorious pick-pocketing and drugging the foreigners to steal from them as it is common in neighboring Pattaya.   

Cambodia Nightlife

It is necessary to see the difference between some pubs and bars where the people come in for a drink maybe some talking and a look at the wide screen showing a concert or football or whatever. The other bars have the same and additional cute exotic Khmer Ladies.
Cambodia Nightlife
Fascinating places are around Cambodians Phnom Penh Sisowath Quay one of the best quarters in French style along the Tonle Sap River with dozens of stylish restaurants plus bar and clubs in the side roads. Fun and girly bars plus young ladies and plenty of sexy things to do at night.

Actually, Phnom Penh is one of the best places in Asia by any means in a soft tropical ambiance which reminds a bit to the "Cote Azur" in southern France.

Watching dance entertainment today in Siem Reap or Phnom Phenh 

you ask yourself  automatically how it went on about a thousand years since nothing really changed.

What the royals did in the palace? Also the costumes are very similarto hundreds of years ago, including the dance movements all is very good documented via the stone reliefs and the dancer didn't wear a lot. Today one of the best dance performance takes place every evening at the Temple Balcony Restaurant during a dinner show with with a remarkable professional dance groups and no entrance fee just the normal food charge.When comparing how much they charge in Thailand for that there is a real difference and the Khmer Dancing here is for sure of higher qality as in Thailand where it deteriorated with the time to a quick and sloppy job.

Cambodia & Khmer Nightlife

Fun in a Cambodian Night

Number one for nightlife in Cambodia is Phnom Penh around the red light district of Sisowath Quay all other in Koh Kong Sihanoukville and Siem Reap which is effectively Angkor are almost without bars girls at clubs lounges, restaurants, and typical places.

The strange thing is considering the proximity to Thailand there are no Karaoke bars visible or to do actually it's not as strange because karaoke is a very Asian entertainment and most visitors to Cambodia are of the "Wester Type".

Nightlife at Sisowath Quay

Only some coyote and go-go dancing to entertain the guys are shown around the 136 street at Sisowath Quay where the men from all over South East Asia trickle in at night to have a look what's up in the city and checking the nightclub ladies. 

Where is the red light district in Phnom Pen? 

Actually, the capital is the only place with a substantial nightlife. Siem Reap nightlife is a rather boring one compared to the capital it looks as if some people block any effort to get an exciting nightlife there even Koh Kong which has no Angkor beside has a more exciting one. Just look at Thailand how many people are employed in this business which supplies them good money to live. Who cares about the struggling Khmer people who have no jobs? 

nightlife in Phnom Penh

Actually, to me, it looks as if there are the usual NGO / UN club behind this, the people who get 4 and 5 digit $ salary month paid by the EU and US taxpayer want to block a better life of the local population. Since years there are many Christian missionary groups from the US around who try to manipulate the Buddhist People mentally to uproot them with the same method as the Spaniards in South America did. 

All to the detriment of the Khmer population, actually these people from oversea are very
nightlife in Siem Reap
well financed but use the money they get from donation for their own living Interestingly all music comes straight from the computer and is delivered almost entirely from the "youtube" listings. What is also very convenient is just opposite the girly bar row are several budget hotels to get things done it could also be called "Phnom Penh's" red light district. 

Anyway, that's the place to go for having fun with girls in the night, what it makes it even better is all facilities for a pleasant night are very compact available.At the night spots in Phnom Penh mainly around 136th street at Sisowath Quay every evening pretty Khmer girls are around.
nightlife in Sihanoukville
If you are a night freak it won't be enough. It's not as in Thailand but not much different, it's beer, music, fun young working Khmer ladies and a lot of laughter, ok not always since they have a rather difficult life, but it is improving. Cambodia is a great country also at night, usually, it’s safe but be vigilant the snakes never sleep. 

If you after the “pretty butterflies” and want them to come with
nightlife in Koh Kong City
you only take them from a bar never from the roadside since from the pub or whatever they are traceable if something happens from the road there is no chance.  

Also, don’t drink anything if any local person invites you only drink from a bottle which is opened in front of you. Although the problem is not as bad as in neighboring Pattaya where it is very common that freelancer at walking street and beach road try to get tourists unconscious it needs to be careful even in such remote places as Koh Kong City at the border to Thailand.

The flesh business is not similar to Europe etc.

Koh Kong Disco Club
The girls here are usually working on their own, at least the ones in the bars and nightclubs there are rarely pimps. The whole situation related to almost anything is different including the thinking pattern of the local people, this needs to be kept in mind. 

The bad times are rapidly vanishing. They move further into a remote distance and a more modern
Nightlife at Sisowath Quay.136th street
life takes over, but very slowly. Sisowath Quay in the capital and 136th street with around two dozen nightclubs are the center with conveniently plenty of budget hotels. At the street, rap wobbles out, sometimes in between - some love songs. Young ladies are shouting, hawker food is moving around and everyone has a good time, read more.
People join in for a drink, maybe some talking, have a look at the wide screen showing a concert or football or whatever. Other bars have the cute “pretty things” means young Asian women in the nightlife business. Have fun at girlie bars in the capital.

There is not as much going on as in at their western neighborhood means such as Thailand nightlife but it's a good entertainment in the evening. 

If you are interested in the ladies try Phnom Penh all other places in the country are not much up to this, here try the side roads of Sisowath Quay as indicated above. A couple of other bar cluster enrich the nightlife in the capital. The country is slowly drifting in the right direction it takes some time until a good infrastructure in the night come up to serve the different tastes. Actually, most of the guys have all the same desire beer and bar girls.

cambodia bar girls

They discovered youtube as the music machine 

Almost all bars have them as sound machine and the girls pull their favorites. Some jump onto the bar counter and shake the butt there is always some action around. A few of the girls are amazingly pretty. No question, the capital is number one in night entertainment in the country.Things and more to do in the night with pretty Khmer Girls and all of them are quite positive thinking for playing some naughty games with the guys.